Instructions on how to repair and polish stone sculptures

Polishing and Care of Sculptures

Generally polishing only needs to be done every 2/3 years. In very hot climates you may need to polish more often (every 8 months) and in cooler climates less often every 4/5 years.


Full Polish

Place the sculpture under 2 inches (5cm) from an open fire, a blow torch, a bar heater or hair dryer. Depending on the size it could take to 30mins to heat the piece. While hot, evenly spread clear wax polish over the polished areas of the sculpture. Allow the sculpture to cool completely. (it will be covered in a white film of the wax). Buff firmly with a soft cloth or duster.


Slightly scratched or chipped sculptures

Use very fine water/sand paper (wet and dry paper). Wet the paper and sculpture and using a circular motion rub the chipped or scratched area repeatedly wetting the paper until the scratch or chip is smooth. Wash the sculpture and then polish.


Badly scratched or Chipped

Using a rasp file or very coarse sand paper, file or rub until the worst damage has gone. Work in diminishing thickness of sand paper until the thickness of the water paper is reached. Proceed as directed above.